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Why become a Team Member for PhoneOps?

Why? Because it's the easiest career to do in the whole wide world. So many people applied for a credit card at least once or twice in life and was denied. Well with PhoneOps Credit Card, everyone is approved.

By spreading the word letting as many people as possible know about PhoneOps Credit Card, you are giving many people hope and confidence so you are really doing a good deed for many people by letting them know that someone out there believes in them.

PhoneOps Credit Card is for everyone! People with Good Credit, Bad Credit and even people with No Credit so if you are 18 years old and want to establish credit or if you are 99 years old and just want additional money, there's nothing to lose and a Credit Line you can use for life to gain!


You are paid $10 for each person that gets approved for the PhoneOps Credit Card. All they have to do is apply, submit docs and sign.

Pay Raise 1

After you have reached 100 Signups, you are paid a $5 increase ($15) for each person that gets approved, submit docs & sign.

Pay Raise 2

After you have reached 250 Signups, you are paid another $5 increase ($20) for each person that gets approved, submit docs & sign.


* Must be willing to Spread the Word to as many people as possible

* It only takes 2hrs to 4hrs a day to advertise on all Social Media Platforms

* Inform your Family, Friends, Neighbors, etc about PhoneOps Credit Card and encourage them to apply using your referral link

* Make flyers with your referral link then go door to door passing them out. You can also place your flyer on vehicles, go to large gatherings like clubs, churches, parades, festivals, etc and pass them out there. 

If you are able to do these few steps above, with out a doubt, you will be very successful

Everyone is Excited!

This is a very lucrative opportunity. All you have to do is apply yourself and you can make a great living just being a Team Member with PhoneOps. 

Image being at the $20 per app level and getting 20 apps a day. You would be making over $12,000 per month. The sky is the limit so go get yours and let's make this money! 


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