Do you need assistance in finding a place to rent. Are you already Pre-Approved for an Apartment, Condo or a House? PhoneOps Management Inc. is able to get you Pre-Approved, assist you in finding the great location and help you with the process of moving in. 



STEP 1: Your First step is to get Pre-Approved. Since the market went bad, Landlords have become more protective of their Investments and do not want others to even view their Rental Properties without being Pre-Approved first. Complete the paperwork below then upload the documents to the site to get "Pre-Approved".


STEP 2: After you are Pre-Approved, the next step is to find a Rental property of your choice. We will guide you on the right path once you get to this step.



STEP 3: We are here every step of the way from getting Pre-Approved to Signing the lease and moving in so once you find a property, we will gladly set up a showing for you. call us today to get started!



STEP 4: Click on each document to download to your computer. Complete, save to your desktop then upload it to the site for quick Pre-Approval.










Rental Application


CC Authorization Form

Check List


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